Why and how you should travel alone as a woman


So, First time when I travelled alone, I didn’t think about it. I just did. Not that I come from a lot of money & I can book flights whenever I want to. It requires a lot of planning & budgeting. But once, you are determined, convincing your family & saving some money for the trip of your lifetime, the biggest step is already taken. We are taught to be dependent on men for little things in life. So, clearly, there will be hardly any people appreciating you or encouraging you for your solo trip.

For some of us, it’s hard to believe that a woman is on her own when we see them. But once you get the taste of sipping a margarita on your own in a bar in the most beautiful city you always wanted to go, no other experience would ever match it.


1) Getting out of your comfort zone will boost your confidence for life.

The best part is ANYONE can do it . Getting yourself out of your usual surroundings by embarking on a solo excursion will give you a huge confidence boost along with the sense that you can do anything. The first step? Pick a place you’ve always to visit and just go.

2)You will learn to keep your eyes all open.

Ofcourse, there are unsafe areas everywhere in the world. There is no option of not being alert all the time with your luggage & youself when you’re alone. When you walk around an undiscovered place on your own you explore with you eyes wide open. The surge of excitement leaves you feeling giddy inside as you venture across unknown territory, whether it Prague’s Old Town Square or the Tirol’s mountainous terrain, it’s a sensation you can easily get addicted to.

3) You will become the master of planning.

After taking this trip, you can actually plan trips for your friends also. You will have to make itineries according to time & money. You have to spend days & nights on these travelwebsites to get used to them & you will find hacks too. Go ahead, Be the cool one!

4) You can be random & spontaneous.

Since you’re alone, you can change your plans anytime you want to without asking anyone. You can join a random group of people in one city if you get along with them & no one would mind. You can sit in that temple of hours if you want to.

5) Its easy to stick on the budget.

… Your travel companion might prefer more convenient and expensive way of traveling and it’s sometimes awkward to say “Sorry, it’s too expensive for me.” – Agness Walewinde, eTramping.  I’ve been in that situation & its not a good feeling. 25$ for this stupid flute show? NOT HAPPENING FOR ME!

6) You will learn to love yourself.

Loneliness can be a scary feeling at first, but the more time I spend by myself, the less I actually think about the fact that I am on my own. Instead, I can let my mind focus on the issues I’m normally too distracted to even consider. And you will be happy to not be around same bullshit.

7) You will make friends from all over the world.

You’d be surprised at how friendly other solo travellers, there’s a mutual feeling of we’re all in this together, so even the shiest person can acquire a friend or two over the course of a trip.You can bump into new friendships while admiring the mighty Danube river or on the coach to Versailles Palace. Sharing those kinds of moments together can have a profound effect before you even get to know each other.


1) Look for an internship. (PAID ONES ARE THERE TOO)

Yes its not as easy as it sounds. Specially paid ones. If you have some extra skill like youknow a foreign language or you’re amazing at photography, you have more chances of getting an internship. Don’t be lazy. RESEARCH. Mail the concerned people constantly for sometime till they notice you. Also, read travel blogs. Trust me, there are the coolest internships available in the world like get paid for chugging beer. NOT KIDDING. They’re real.

2) There are a lot of organisations facilitating all this for some extra money.

AIESEC is one of them. They charge you a minimal amount & they hook you up with an internship of your need & field. They provide you with paid & non paid ones both & they have a committee in every state here. Look for your nearest one.

3) Finding cheap flights

Keep using the same travel website to book flights for your friends & family and get redeem points. Keep your eye for the yearly sale.

Some airlines–especially those based in the United Kingdom–offer international fares for little more than the taxes. You’ll be blown away by some of the sales on offer, check out ryanair.comeasyjet.com or flymonarch.com. Similarly, domestic fares within Australia are worth checking out, like virginaustralia.com that offers happy hour rates for one hour a day and jetstar.com.

4) Crew a ship for 2 months?

A much less adventurous way to travel at sea, in some respects. But there are about a zillion different jobs available on cruise ships. The best option for short-term contracts is to offer an area of expertise for the education or entertainment of the passengers. There are many websites that offer listings of cruise ship jobs—some of which are fraudulent—but most cruise companies list available job opportunities directly on their websites. Get started at carnival.com or royalcaribbean.com.

5) Enter contests?

Okay, this may sound like a long shot, but if you’re short on cash and long on time you’ll be absolutely amazed at how many travel contests are there for the wining. Just Google “travel contests” and you’ll get hundreds of pages of results. Travel writing or photography may win you cash or a trip. Airlines, cruise lines, resorts, tourism boards and adventure travel companies all offer up prize trips every so often. If you’re not picky about where yougo, a little time and energy invested might get you out of here sooner than you think.


Skip expensive chilling with friends dates to save money. Eating outside is becoming more expensive & the money spent on social eating just disappears somewhere. You will never be able to save for something big if your hard earned money flows like this. START COOKING MAYBE? Work your ass off for a year and save.

7) Arrange free accommodation

Using hospitality exchanges, you are a guest in somebody’s home free of charge. The arrangement generally lasts only a few days as opposed to the weeks and even months that a work-trade gig will last, so it is more geared towards active travelers.

What’s in it for the host? They get to meet you, proudly show their home town to you, and live vicariously through your stories of adventure and travel. (Oh – and if you are nice, you will do the dishes for them too.) Make an account on http://www.couchsurfing.com as earliest as possible & discover.


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