These latte drawings are every coffee lover’s dream come true!



All my dearest Coffee Companions, stop obsessing over those romantic lattes with frothed milk heart designs because there’s a new trend in town! Yes, forget about monochrome latte drawings because colourful latte drawings are a real thing!

We have always admired the taste of latte but as the saying goes- “We Eat With Our Eyes First”, these amazing colorful lattes will definitely satisfy both, the eyes and the tongue.

Kangbin Lee, a barista from Korea has mastered this style beautifully and has curated a photo gallery in his instagram account too, where you can follow him. He wanted to to find amazing and delicate new flavor of coffee so he developed Cremart or Creamart, you may say.

Won’t say much, have a look!

1. The Starry Night In A Cup (Van Gogh Painting)

The famous painting of Van Gogh, who can forget that? Well, It’s my favourite. Look at the colors and the shades that has been perfectly blended. It looks photoshopped, but it’s not. Have a look, how it’s made-

2. Hippo Love Latte

Who doesn’t love a cute romantic cartoon on a cup of latte? Feeling special already!

3. Mario

It’s a major throwback to the 90’s kids with Mario- The game latte! Go ahead and earn some points.

4.  Dreamy-colorful Cat

Look at the vibrant colors used here! So, artistic!

5.  Pink Panther

For all the fans of Pink Panther, re-live your childhood moments with this!

Well, I can ramble on about his amazing creations but it will take a hell lot of time. So, why don’t you check out his instagram profile? And follow him too for more latte designs inspiration.

Plus, you can place orders for different kinds of design!

P.S. You need to visit Korea for that.

So, guys comment below what kind of designs you would like to see next and enjoy this visual treat.


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