How And Why You Should Travel Alone As A Woman


The first time when I traveled alone, I did not really think about it. I just did it. I just wanted to do something on my own, independently.

While it is great to travel with friends or family, there are times when you get this compelling desire to travel alone from time to time. Being from India, as a woman, it is of course difficult, because safety concerns. But after resisting myself for two years, I finally gave in to the temptation!

First, HOW?

  1. It does not happen immediately, it takes some time and efforts. Easy start would be to follow some travel blogs and websites. You can even signup for travel websites or websites which help in getting internships abroad.
  2. Sort out your year and figure out when you have no work/personal commitments.
  3. Start saving some money. Do not let those new bags or shoes haunt you. Remember, This time you want to spend on experiences and not materialistic items.
  4. Find about the organisations which work in international exchange. But also, find out exotic and interesting places to travel to in the country itself, more cost effective.
  5. Websites like Skyscanner offers a feature where you submit your route (where you want to go) and it notifies you when the prices go down and you can just grab it immediately.
  6. Internet is full of opportunities. In every field. Paid. Unpaid. Spend some nights. Do some work. You will find it.
  7. Join groups on Facebook. There are lot of groups of travellers, solo women travellers. See what they are doing. Get as much information from them about the hostels, hotels, their experiences. There is also a thing called ‘couchsurfing’ which a volunteer based network with the locals who provide free food and accommodation and also show you around. But being a girl, you should always keep safety in mind. Always look up for reviews of previous guests who’ve stayed there.
  8. The most important is follow your instincts. You should be sure in your own head that no matter what, you are doing it this time, and nothing can stop you.

Now, WHY?

  1. Logistics. Its challenging to organize a whole trip by yourself. There are lot of simple logistics which are not that simple actually. And while at it, you learn how to plan trips, mostly in advance.
  2. Working on your bucket list. Is there something you’ve been dying to try and no one else is willing to do that with you? Can be sky diving or just eat a maine lobster. When your partner and friends don’t share those interests with you, this is the time you just get there.
  3. Meet new people. If you’re a born extrovert, traveling alone can be a wonderful way to meet locals and make new friends. Often, people who are alone appear more approachable to others. Before you know it, you could be chatting with some interesting folks at a sidewalk cafe or even joining a group of like-minded people for yoga on the beach.
  4. Decision maker. You can do everything you want to do and nothing you don’t want to. You are your own decision maker and you don’t have to rely on anybody. I am not a big fan of clubbing and every time I travel with my friends, I was constantly pushed to go to clubs and it was annoying. I felt so free and alive on my solo trip.
  5. It’s empowering. If travelling makes you a better, smarter person, then traveling alone makes you super-better and super-smarter. For any of you who may feel uncomfortable even sitting alone at a diner to have breakfast, taking a trip by yourself might seem daunting. Once you take the plunge and get over your fears, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment. A successful solo vacation can inspire you to tackle even more things in life you’ve been afraid to try.
  6. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don’t think I am asking you to leave behind people you love. Coming home to your loved ones makes you realize why you love them at first place.
  7. Bad things can happen to anybody. Gain knowledge. Be alert. Being a girl, We always get vibes. Trust you gut. Stay away from shady people and places.
  8. Travelling alone as a woman is exciting. It is deeply freeing. It is badass. Lonely at the beginning. Scary, but it is pretty amazing.
  9. It strengthens problem solving skills. All my life, I was around my dad or my brother or my boyfriend for solving problems and now I have totally different approach, I try to deal with things myself!
  10. In the end, you see yourself as a survivor. As a fighter. You realize setbacks are a part of life.


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