Full Moon Party, Thailand: How, Where, When and To Do’s


Each one of us have heard many legendary stories of the infamous Full Moon Party, and I was NOT going to miss it when I made plans to travel to Thailand! The massive party takes place on a stretch of  beach on Koh Phangan island in Thailand. Each month, on the night of the full moon, thousands of people come from all over the world to partake in the festivities and dance all night long.

There are also bonus parties on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Pre-parties in the days before are lauded by some as better than the actual event. A list of official dates can be found in the link given at the end of this article.

Haad Rin beach, on Koh Phangan’s southern tip, is a one-mile strip onto which 30,000 people, mostly young foreigners, will cram themselves on busy nights .With the northern summer in full swing, even more young people from across North America and Europe will descend here, joined by young South Africans, Australians and New Zealanders escaping the southern winter writhed together in motion to pulsating house music, fuelled by cheap alcohol.  The sand fills with shift stalls selling buckets —  the kind of plastic pails children take to the beach — brimming with whiskey, cola,tonics  and eye-popping local Red Bull, for just a few dollars.

There is a fair amount of controversy surrounding the Full Moon Party these days, both from original devotees who claim the celebration has become far too commercialized since its origins in the late 1980’s, and from those who think it’s a shameless example of tourists behaving badly. While I can empathize with those opinions, I’ve had a pretty rocking good time dancing till sunrise at every moon party I’ve attended with 20,000 neon color painted half-naked bodies as a part tradition making the surrounding more beautiful.

Lots of fire works and fire stunts are done (be careful) with all the beach shacks provide you with poles with the table setups so you can dance your guts out or may be a stand and some stage setups to get you in the zone of dancing to the beats of your favorite music.

Among  the rapidly sobering hardcores who continue to dance, a smattering of those bodies dot the beach, their semi-conscious, half-naked torsos slowly roasting in the Thai sun they lie surrounded by beer bottles, shattered glass, and plastic buckets i experienced the most beautiful sunrise  i have ever came across in my life and i found and learned that theres a lot of ways to party and how much fun is it to carry some tradition and adding all the advancements with generations to it .

This is for me by far, the most convenient travel experience in terms of getting all the modes of transportation, all the accommodation queries and trust me this is one thing, that’s not gonna cost you a lot which usually everything on our bucket lists do and Yes it does include ALCOHOL.

A few things that will help you if you’re planning to attend this one of its own kind experience.

When does it happen.

Though this party happens every full moon night of the month. (unless it is moved one day in either direction as to not overlap with Buddhist holidays.)
For more information you can go to http://fullmoonparty-thailand.com/schedules.html

How to reach.

  • The best way to reach there is to take up a flight till koh Samui from Bangkok and then you can take a ferry till Koh phanang which operates everyhour from 10:00 Am upto 2:00 Am on the day of party.
  • Or you Can take Train upto Surat Thani from there to Koh samui and then the same ferry to Kohphanang.(You can ask for a combine tickets of train bus and ferry as per your convenience)Details of which you can find at http://www.seat61.com/Thailand.html
  • There are also a lot of local Thai travel companies which provides you with comfortable Volvo couches at a very fair price.

All the ferries can be booked from the port station airport local taxi stands and its very convenient, comfortable and a small 45min of ride not leaving you sea sick.

Where to stay.
Since , it is one of the most backpacking oriented place, you can get a lot of hostels,private villas,cheap BnB’s,beach shacks etc.
But if you are willing to have a good and comfortable getaway and don’t want to share your showers with a lot of  people (ofcourse not the girls)you can book a good beach side resort with all the amenities for less than 20$ per night.
You can check prices from your regular booking sites for ex. http://www.booking.com/ or Air”bnb” etc.
Also, there’s one official site for booking and comparing accomodation which is operated under thailand govt http://fullmoonparty-thailand.com/accommodations.html
What to wear.
Well this is one place you really dont have to think before you or get dressed up you can get all the neon clothes you want to wear from the street vendors in less than 10$ including the traditional paint. So just go there drink up some buckets bond with friends make new friends on the sound of the loud speakers try to take everything as much as you can. Also, keep hydrated because “its like a marathon you have to complete to see the morning sun after getting so drunk with tired bodies, keep yourself hydrated.

Most importantly, wear shoes if you can, Partying on the beach without footwear may seem fun, but as the night goes on, broken beer bottles and other sharp objects litter the beach. I’ve seen many people slice open their feet after stepping on a bottle. You’re drunk, it’s dark, and you aren’t always looking where you are going. Avoid a foot injury and just wear something on your feet!


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